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Consider the Sparrow

The small, brown bird didn’t flinch as I approached. He sat, perfectly still, tufts of feathers standing on end, just inches away from my foot. Only his eyes moved, wide and sickly, watching as I tiptoed around him. Finally, slowly, he hopped twice and tried to take flight. But he didn’t have enough energy or […]


Carrying Hope (at the Mudroom)

My hardest days at work aren’t the days when my students are loud or disobedient or unkind to each other. Those days are hard, don’t get me wrong, but they aren’t the hardest. We have procedures and consequences in place for those things, we learn from them and then we move on. Those are the […]


4 (Free!) Ways to Appreciate Teachers Every Day

“Happy week of teachers Miss H!” I turned and smiled and thanked the sweet girl before walking her down the hallway to make sure she made it back to class. She’s lived in the States for less than a year, and last week she took a 3 hour standardized math test and a 3 hour […]

#ds295 - Colour My Grey Day

The Place Where Something Becomes Something Else

“What about the zoo? I’ve been, it’s fun! You can feed the giraffes!” “We went to the zoo last year, Miss. We should go somewhere different.” It was nearly time for recess, and my third grade class was discussing where we might go on our field trip. Not being from Guadalajara (or even Mexico) myself, […]