Monthly Archives: April 2015


Remember This if Nothing More

I can’t seem to finish my stories. Lately, I’ve opened my computer and sat down to write, and somewhere in the middle of an essay, I can’t find the story anymore. It’s not a lack of ideas, as I’ve probably started six posts this way, nor a lack of details, as the beginnings and middles […]


A Trail of Manna

I have long loved the story of God providing manna to the Israelites in the desert. From the utterly and completely dependent relationship it created to  its very name (“What is this?”), manna has felt like a metaphor for how I meet God. There’s a lot of opening my hands to find something I don’t […]


Celebrating Between Storms

I spent the weekend between storms. We went on a whirlwind beach trip that involved a 7-hour-turned-10-hour drive down to Florida after work on Friday with a few close friends and a few less-than-close friends to spend all day Saturday and a small portion of Sunday at a beautiful beach house before turning around to […]


On Gutters and Grace

The gutter above my patio is broken. I live on the first floor of a two story apartment building, so the broken gutter just looks like a small, sporadic waterfall over one corner of the patio when it rains. For a while, that corner was where I was keeping my cilantro plant, until it not-so-spontaneously […]


It Would Have Been Enough

If I were allowed to have a favorite part of the Passover Seder, it would be the dayenu  song. I know that’s like a Jew saying their favorite part of the Eucharist is the wine. I’m not Jewish, my experience with seders is limited and translated and half the time very, very inauthentic and sacrilegious. […]


“I would never be ashamed of you.”

I have long held that love is in the showing up. There are people in my life who I do not know how to love well, so I show up for them. It is all I know to do, and I have told myself it is enough. It is Holy Week, which comes in with […]