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The Voice of Evil

I used to be afraid to talk about evil. Not in a He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named way, where naming it somehow brings it about. Rather, I didn’t like to call things evil because I wasn’t sure what qualified as “evil” rather than just “bad”. I’m more comfortable with calling evil where I see it now. Maybe I’m aware […]


Faith is the Semicolon of Life

I never really had grammar classes in elementary school. I learned parts of speech from playing Mad Libs and then later on from taking Spanish classes. I never had to diagram sentences and have no memory of learning about where the comma goes when you’re using quotation marks before high school. I read a lot […]

small truths

Second-Hand Truth

Confession: I love thrifting. I love finding a steal on a barely-worn pair of shoes or imagining what I’ll do with a gorgeous frame holding a pretty sad piece of art. Most of what I own has been pre-loved in some form. All of the art on my walls has had previous owners or was […]