Monthly Archives: January 2015


Without A Word For Ugly

I spend my days teaching children who recently immigrated to the United States how to speak English. They are brave and hilarious and make up words like “asker” (known to native English speakers as a “question”) and call me everything from Mrs. K (I think you mean Miss H, sweetie) to Miss Winter-Winter (Haltiwanger is […]


Do Not Be Afraid

I know I need to write this post, but I do not know what I am going to say. Because I do not know how to not be afraid. This is not a how-to post or an encouraging post or even a “me too” post. This is a cry, perhaps a prayer, from the trenches. […]


It Is Today Every Day

We’re still working on learning our days of the week in kindergarten, and the concept of yesterday has been particularly difficult for some of my kiddos to master. Counting backwards has its challenges as well, but it’s a step more difficult with days of the week. Today, in an effort to help them answer the […]


Is Being Tired a Sin?

It was less than a week before Christmas, and I was back at the church I grew up in with my family, sitting in very nearly the same pew we have sat in for perhaps 22 years (there was a Great Shift Backwards a few years back, when the youth group kids decided they wanted […]