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The Last Day of Summer

Sometimes you wake up on Monday with 1000 things to do and a headache. And sometimes the sky is blue and the air is crisp and the park is only a short drive away, so you bail on your afternoon to go for a walk around a lake. Sometimes on that walk, you watch baby […]


Dear September,

I originally wrote this post three years ago when my love affair with September began. We had a bit of a rocky start this year with temperatures in the 90s well into the first few weeks of September, but we’re back on track now. September. We’ve known each other for quite a few years now, […]


With a Tear in Your Eye

I seriously contemplated staying home yesterday morning, as I do many Sundays. I finally remembered I needed to pay for retreat and return a friend’s tupperware that I had stolen accidentally, so I decided I should go. I laughed with old friends and hugged some new ones and introduced myself to some even newer ones. […]

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Me too.

“Miss H. I need a pink crayon.” “Me too!” “Here you go sweetie. What’s your name again?” “Joshua.” “Me too!” “Miss H., it is very mucho hot outside.” “Me too!”   Guys. Kindergarten ESL actually sounds like this. This is my real life job and I could not love it more. The little one who […]


On Love and Legacy and Being Filled

Today would have been my sweet grandma’s 89th birthday. I posted this shortly after she passed this year, but it seems appropriate now too. I don’t think anyone was ready for my Grandma to leave the world just three long months after her husband of 65 years. No one, that is, except maybe Grandma herself. […]

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O gracious light

O gracious light, O gracious light I’ve been walking, walking so long in darkness.   When Sandra McCracken stands in front of a coffee shop full of people and asks you to join her on the chorus of her new song, you do.   O gracious light, o gracious light I’ve been walking, walking so […]