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This Shit is [because of] Bananas

I know this is a bit of a divergence from my regular types of posts, but having spent quite a bit of time in Central America recently, this is an issue that is close to my heart and close to the hearts of many people I love. Additionally, it’s getting a lot of political airtime […]


Some people think I’m a writer.

My bloggy friend Karissa Knox Sorrell tagged me in a blog hop about my “writing process”. This is odd to me because I don’t usually consider myself a writer and I very rarely consider process, but apparently I should stop using those words in quotes. As a step in that direction, I’m going ahead and […]


I don’t know where we’re going.

I have an old, worn pair of Toms that say, “The Journey is the Destination” all over them that I have loved practically into oblivion. It feels like wearing the shoes of the Gospel of Peace with those words written on my feet; it feels like the Kingdom is already here. One of my first […]


Sex and Dignity: Can you have both?

She is clothed with Strength and Dignity… … she laughs without fear of the future. Around this time last year, several of my college friends were planning a long weekend trip to the beach. To save money, we decided we’d split a beach house and share rooms and beds and bring air mattresses (we wouldn’t […]

This church is evidently on the site of where Jesus came down and healed the town's cows. There are some excellent paintings inside depicting the miracle. #mexicancatholics

Rachel Recommends…

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by Aztec ruins and mini road trips: Rachel recommends tourism in Mexico. Here are some of the wonderful things I found around the world this week. Around the Web: – But that’s MY dream. “What if she is better at it than I am? What if she isn’t better but […]

Photo by Michael Kwan, via Flickr

A White Wine Communion (and other unorthodoxies)

I can’t remember taking my first communion. I can vaguely remember my parents working through some kind of faith/church devotional/workbook thing with me and my brother and then deeming us ready for communion, but I don’t remember the actual event and have no idea how old I was. The church I grew up in does […]

Photo by John C. Abell via flickr

Made for Another World: Responsibilities of Citizenship

We are all about travel and immigration here at The Inspired Story this week, so let’s finish it up well with the responsibilities of citizenship, the conclusion of the Made for Another World post from Tuesday. If you haven’t read that one yet, start there. Because you should start with the benefits before you get […]

Photo by MissKoco via flickr.

Why Don’t They Just Learn English?

When I first started my job as an ESL teacher in the States, I was telling an acquaintance about the ethnic and racial breakdown of my students, most of whom were Hispanic, some of whom were Karen, and a handful of whom were Kurdish. His response upon hearing about my sweet elementary students was, “Why […]

Made For Another World: Rights

Made For Another World: Rights of Citizens

As some of you know, for about the first half of the year immigration and visa woes plagued my travels back and forth from the US. While we actually managed to sort out everything every time and I was able to leave and return as I pleased, it was a complicated process (that I’m thankful […]

I think we were in this exact position for 6 hours.

Rachel Recommends…

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by my very favorite beach reading buddy: Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for always supporting me and cuddling me and making me laugh. Can’t wait to see you in one month! And for the cutest father’s day ad, Dove wins: Here are some of the wonderful things I […]