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And yes, I'm working on the floor.

Rachel Recommends…

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by hot coffee after productive Friday nights: The last month of school is going to be more than a little crazy, but I also have several writing assignments I need to complete in the next few weeks and I am trying to work out details for life post-June. […]


“You Should Take Some Time to Get to Know Yourself”

Everyone has that friend- the one who’s never been in a relationship for more than six months but hasn’t been single for more than two weeks since the seventh grade. Every break up is earth shattering but easily recovered from, and with every new relationship you and your other friends get together and talk about […]


Drink Deep

I decided to move to Mexico because of a song on the radio. I’d been wavering back and forth on the decision for about a week and my deadline was fast approaching. I spent a Saturday taking the scenic route to nowhere, blasting the radio with the windows down, waiting to get a word from […]

This is me, circa 1990, crying about how jealous I am that someday there will be mommy bloggers and I won't be one.

I’m Not a Mommy Blogger

If you surveyed the entire community of people who have blogs similar to mine, I would be willing to bet that more than 75% of them are women with children, hereafter known as “Mommy Bloggers”. Many of them are stay at home moms and a larger-than-the-national-average percentage home school. These women are a force to […]


Rachel Recommends…

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by RAIN! It has rained almost every day in the past week at least a little bit and I am oh so thankful. Look at those high temperatures- not totally unbearable! Jehovah Jireh, thank you. On the Web: – Workshopping the Bends. One of my favorite internet friends […]


When you’re thirsty…

“I grew up in the church, in a picture perfect family with Dad on the Elder board and Mom teaching Sunday School. I led small groups for youth group, dated a church boy, and my Myspace page declared my religious views as “a relationship and not a religion.” I knew all the answers and once […]

Photo by Tony Parkin via Flickr

When the Inspiration Doesn’t Come

This blog… It’s called “The Inspired Story” because sometimes I can’t escape the story and the metaphor in the world. I see glimpses of eternity in the temporal and I can’t take credit for that inspiration. Some days I wake up and the metaphor is everywhere, God is everywhere, inspiration is everywhere and I can’t […]

divergent enneagram

Divergent and the Enneagram: How Do Humans Respond to a Fallen World?

Fair warning: This post contains plot spoilers from all three books in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, but especially from the third book. While I don’t personally think the information given here will ruin the stories if you haven’t read them, you might disagree, so consider this your opportunity to stop reading.  I read […]


Rachel Recommends…

This post is brought to you by the wedding of these two beautiful people: Since I have a few other things going on today, I’ll just be leaving you with this fantastic song (check out the whole album) by Needtobreathe, who have sang me through many a faith crisis. This new album is brilliant, and […]


Giveaway Winners!

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the Two Four Five Designs giveaway. Chelsie F. and Lorie S. were our winners and will each be receiving a free print! Chelsie and Lorie, you will be receiving an email soon with more details. Please continue to support this month’s Featured Sellers by visiting their […]