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April Giveaway

And the winner is…

Thank you to all of you who participated in last week’s giveaway! Rafflecopter has randomly selected our winners and here they are! Set of 5 Handmade Thank You Cards: Breanne Cope! Repurposed Glass Jar Spoon Rest: Lenie! $20 to Lovely Maiden Jewels: Leah Cowan! The shop owner whose prize you won will contact you via email to figure […]


Rachel Recommends…

This week’s post is brought to you by Daylight Savings Time! After nearly a month of being confused about what time it is whenever I want to talk to people in the States, I’m back in Central Time now. It is also brought to you by this turkey hat, which I will be wearing at […]

Photo by BillieS, via Flickr

The Calling in the Mirror

  A little over a year ago, I wrote a blog announcing that I was moving to Mexico. I had looked into the mirror at my life in Nashville and decided I was dissatisfied with the background. I wasn’t growing, I wasn’t being challenged, there was no adventure. Today I am writing a blog announcing […]

Photo by US Army Africa, via Flickr

Women of Lent- No one, Lord

The door flies open and you scream as hands grab and pull and carry you out, naked and condemned. They shout about caught in the act, stonings, about laws and condemnation and you didn’t even want to be here. But what right does a woman have to say no. You grab the bed sheet on the floor […]

April Giveaway

April Featured Sellers and GIVEAWAY!

As I have been making my way into the world of the Internet and meeting other people out here, one thing has become very clear: the Internet is BIG, ya’ll. You may not have known that, so I thought I’d share. But really, there are people doing all sorts of cool things all over the […]