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Necklace, bracelet, and ring, oh my!

Rachel Recommends…

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by new jewelry from a night market visit last night: And here are the things I’ve loved around the web and the world this week: Listening: – Love Will Have the Final Word by Jason Gray. The album has finally debuted and it is GREAT. One of my favorite blogs […]


Or maybe I’ll be an astronaut.

Happy International Women’s Day! Today I’m linking up with Story Sessions to write about “the girls we once were.” You should click over and read their beautiful stories as well. I can remember standing at the bottom of the stairs in the basement of the house my parents still live in, asking my mom how […]

For dust you are, by Patrick Feller via Flickr.

Women of Lent: Do Whatever He Tells You

During advent, I wrote a popular series on my old blog called “Women of Advent” about the women who waited with expectation for the promised Messiah, the women who inhabited the meaning of advent. Someone recently suggested that I do a similar series for the next-most-popular season in the church calendar, Lent. I’ve been doing […]

Photo Via April-Mo on Flickr

Travelin’ Tuesdays: What does this mean?

Can you believe it’s Tuesday again already? We’re back with another Travelin’ Tuesdays post (be sure to check out the rest of them while you’re here!) and an announcement. I know this will be tragic news to some of you, but we’re going to take a brief hiatus from the Tuesdays that Travel during Lent. […]

That's me and an agave bush in the town of Tequila yesterday! I hear there are snowstorms hitting the USA again this week. Clearly you all should move to Mexico with me.

Rachel Recommends…

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by agave and its fermented form: There has been so much good stuff to read this week that I’ve hardly been able to keep up! Here are a few favorites: Listening: – Love Will Have the Final Word by Jason Gray. I am so excited for the release […]


No Matter What

I’m linking up with SheLoves Magazine for their monthly blogging fiesta. They’re talking about empowerment over there, so here’s a post about the most empowering, supportive, and encouraging person I know. It had snowed (again) that morning, but I wasn’t going to complain. I had a flight back to the-land-of-no-snow in a few days and […]