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Hi friends! I know a lot of you are here visiting from my old blog, and some of you may have been invited by people who used to read my old blog. Either way, welcome! I’ve been working on setting up this new format in this new space, and I’ve been posting a few new […]


Travelin’ Tuesdays- Not Knowing Where He Was Going

In trying to process my current traveling/living abroad situation, I’ve noticed how very often God leads people out of what’s familiar and comfortable in the Bible. People travel around a lot in Bible stories, in both the Old and New Testaments, and these stories have been encouraging and convicting in both my literal travels this […]


Rachel Recommends

This week’s recommendations are brought to you by cray international weekend trips: Listening: – The Road Recordings by The Brilliance. So hipster. So chill. So fun. – Bill Nye and Ken Ham’s Debate on Creationism and Evolutionism. Two smart men who fundamentally disagree. I love arguments. On the Web: – Share this with all the schools, […]